Issue #2, January 2011

Table of Contents – Issue #2

Editor’s Note


“A Good Snow” by Brent Stauffer

“Carolyne Park Elementary” by Louis Bourgeois

Flash Fiction

“Proposal” by Robert Vaughan


“Side by Side” by Lori A. May

“Premonitions” by Lori A. May

“In and Outside of Glass” by Lori A. May

“If We Could Just Save One Pure Moment  (or, The Last Thread)” by George Mostoller

“Is Blue More Identical Than Music?” by Grantley Rushing

“Holy” by Curtis Rutherford

“Highway” by Mark Wisniewski

“Fools” by Mark Wisniewski

Prose Poetry

“The Second Hand” by Zachary C. Bush

“Exit Strategy” by Zachary C. Bush

“Fable of the Wolf” by Howie Good

“Triptych” by Howie Good

“The Anniversary of Endless War” by Howie Good


Photography by bl pawelek

Two Prose Poems by Zachary C. Bush

The Second Hand

Once upon a time, there was a boy who had no hands. There was a family (his own family), then, poof, they too were gone. Around that time it was fashionable to wear giant calculators around one’s neck. Citizens quickly became restless with the old trends. Next thing you knew, giant calculators were worn as oversized watches. That’s how fashion goes, you know? They say it’s all about Time and Space, these days, at least that’s what the people go for these days. Nearly everything is digitalized, even sight. And, let me state, this was also around the time that the boy said, “I’ve lost all ability to judge colors.”

Exit Strategy

With sky spent grey, wind shatters, sand swirls— foam sprays from the crest of a troubled wave. On the beach, dogs chase after each other, a kite whistles rape, and a boy is crying because the adults are stomping his sandcastle, whooping loons. Somewhere deep in the reeds a baby screams, piercing nature.

Zachary C. Bush is an instructor of English Literature and Composition. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from the City College of New York (CCNY). In the Spring of 2011, Bush will enter the Doctor of Arts & Letters program at Drew University. Bush is the author of three collections of poetry: Angles of Disorder (BlazeVOX books: 2009), At Swan Decapitation (VOX Press: 2010), and The Silence of Sickness (Gold Wake Press: 2010), as well as several smaller chapbook collections. He is currently at work on his fourth full-length collection (of prose poetry), A Screaming Man is Not a Dancing Bear (BlazeVOX books, TBA). Bush and his girlfriend live just outside of New York.

Issue #1, November 2010

Table of Contents – Issue #1

Editors’ Note


“Catching Frogs” by M. David Hornbuckle

“At the Fish Tanks” by Louis E. Bourgeois

“Amalo” by Sarah Fisch

“Interview with a Starving Man” by Juan Carlos Reyes


“In the Garden” by Matt Layne

“Mixing Socrates and Descartes” by James Valvis

“A Likely Story” by James Valvis

“They Are Just” by James  Valvis

“Red Paint Hill” by Chris Hayes

“Variation on a Theme by Larry Levis” by Chris Hayes

“Return” by Chris Hayes

Prose Poetry

“Grey Lights” by Zachary C. Bush


“Of Harbingers, Of Malcontents: An Opera” By Michael Tesney


“To Be or Not To Be” by LaDonna Smith


“Botanical Gardens 1, 2, and 3” by George Mostoller

“Thank You” by Frog