“If We Could Just Save One Pure Moment (or, The Last Thread)” by George Mostoller

Walking on eggshell
Empty inside
When the crust breaks
Reason crumbles
Falling in the void
Eternity ringing
The sickly rush of Time
The curve of Expectation
Dashed into motes
That slither away
When you try to see
Tumbling without control
All connections breaking
Frying sizzling crash
It is nothing
Spinning falling smash
There is nothing
Through indifferent Space
And unruly Matter
Hideous brains and jibbering ghouls
Hollow eyes and calloused souls
Crooked menacing teeth
cackling Death:
He was young like you.

And life remains
In spite of pain
Flowers must unfold
Cells divide
Colonies will multiply
Covering the shores
Blanketing the rocks
And yet, Moss or mold
Growing old, fuel
For this infernal machine
Rickety being
Eternal universe
Here suspended
Between dust and dust
Some strange and ugly sights abide

George Mostoller, formerly of Birmingham, AL, is a librarian, songwriter, illustrator, and renowned food collector. He was a co-recipient of one of the first Hammer awards and has illustrated for Visions, Downtime, and other publications. His “Botanical Gardens” illustrations were featured in the first issue of Steel Toe Review. He lives in Philadelphia, PA.