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STEELTOESteel Toe Review: Volume 4 is now available.

This edition includes work from Dan Jacoby, Philip St. Clair, Claudia Serea, Ashley M. Jones, Robert Okaji, Len Kuntz, Scott Howdeshell, Robert Lee Kendrick, Richard Weaver, David Tuvell, John Saad, Kevin Rabas, Monika McGreal Viola, Wendy Thornton, Marley Simmons Abril, Tim Nalley, Regan Green, Ellen Perry, Diane Thomas-Plunk, Dan Leach, Heidi Espenscheid Nibbelink, David Brendan Hopes, Cathy Rose, and Jason R. Kesler. Art by Colton Adrian, Stephen Smith, and Nolen Otts. Cover by Kevin Van Hyning.

We must also thank all the contributors who donated to our Go Fund Me campaign: Brent Stauffer, Robert Eastwood, John Wendel, Lori Lassiter Hamilton, John Saad, Patricia Masterson, Danny Siegel, Adam Vines, Jim Braziel, Billy Palmer, Cathy Rose, Shelly Cato, Foster Dickson, Cameron Enfinger, Ian Hoppe, Liz Hughey, Sarah Houder, George Mostoller, Marc Harshman, Diane Thomas-Plunk, David Langlinais, Dustin Thompson, Jon Hornbuckle, Angela DiPaolo, Suzanne Rhodenbaugh, Tobi Alfier, Daniel Moore, Ron Pullins, Adam Guthrie, Maria Bittenger, Rob Hunter, Karen Green, Barabara Nishimoto, and William Trent Pancoast.

front coverSteel Toe Review: Volume 3

This edition includes:

  • Fiction by Cathy Adams, Lis Anna, CL Bledsoe, Justin Brouckaert, Katie Burgess, Jackson Culpepper, Tyler Dennis, Brenna Dixon, Lauren Eyler, Jody Hobbs Hesler, Christopher Lowe, and William Trent Pancoast.
  • Essays by Deborah Gold and Ian Hoppe.
  • Poetry by Maari Carter, Toby Cogswell, John Davis, Jr, Michael Diebert, Matt Dennison, Mario Duarte, Brandi George, Hastings Hensel, Donald Illich, Ray McManus, Claire McQuerry, Karla Linn Merrifield, Emily Porter, Colleen Powderly, Esteban Rodriguez, and Anna Lowe Weber.

Our Kickstarter campaign was successful, and we’d like to thank the following people who donated: Chip Brantley, Nancy Rutland Glaub, Mary Bast, Kerry Freeman, Rita Bourke, Burgin Matthews, John Troutman, Jeannette Brown, Jon & Mary Anne Hornbuckle, Susan Weinberg, Christopher Saady, Ray McManus, Aimee Noonan, Kyle Cornelius, Shan Sheik, John Saad, Harriet Godwin, Melford Wilson, Philip Theibert, Gisele Laterrade, Kerry Madden-Lunsford, and Daniel Taylor.

hornbuckle1Steel Toe Review: Volume 2

Fiction by Barry Basden, Frances Beck, Melissa Bobe, Terri Brown-Davidson, Daniel Davis, JD Dehart, Roy Endian, Lauren Eyler, Peter Fraser, Don Jennings, Bob Kalkreuter, Kerry Madden, David Rawding, James Madison ReddPhilip Sciranka, Dan Townsend, Lindsey Walker, Robert Walton, and Jan Wiezorek.

Non-fiction by Doc Adams and Burgin Matthews, Leah Alford, Terry Barr, William Matthew McCarter, and Donna Thomas.

Poetry from Allen Berry, Jennifer Hollie Bowles, Tobi Cogswell, Johnny Coley, Jim Daniels, Holly Day, P.S. Dean, Thomas N. Dennis, Russell Evatt, Kenny Fame, Jéanpaul Ferro,  J. N. Fishhawk, Howie Good, John Grey, Kenneth Gurney, Thomas Alan Holmes, Brent House, Christopher Oie Keller, Mercedes Lawry, Lyn Lifshin, Karla Linn Merrifield, George Mostoller, Bill Neumire, Simon Perchik, Ken Poyner, Philip Theibert, Danna Molly Weiss, Ernest Williamson III, and Changming Yuan.

We thank all the illustrators who worked on this project: Scott Thigpen, Justin Wayne Butts, Stephen Smith, George Mostoller, and Jon Hooks. We would also like to thank the cover artist, Scott Thigpen, for all his help, not only for the cover itself but for allowing us to leverage that same work for our website redesign and for t-shirts and stickers used to seduce our Kickstarter backers. Of course, we’d like to thank the writers most of all, for we would be nowhere without them.

We also express our immeasurable gratitude toward the donors who helped us raise the money to put this out: Crystal Dawn Baker , Glenny Brock, Allen Bunting, Jim Butler, Michele Carlo, Robin Castellanos, Bryn Chancellor, Amy Coenen, Kathy June Cotton, Cameron Enfinger, Nellie Eshleman, Kerry Freeman, Jason Hatfield, Sean Hogan, Ian Hoppe, Jon and Mary Anne Hornbuckle, Christopher Keller, Bryant Kingry, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Kenny Johnston, Richard LeComte, Craig Legg, Brett Levine, C.S. Lewis, Marty, Patricia J. Masterson, Trip Ogden, Kristina O’Quinn, Diane Annunziata Pigg, Elizabeth Pulos, Carl Sachs, Kristina Scott, Suzanne Sheridan, Bill Tanksersley, Kate Tankersley, Cheryl Ursin, Jaci Wells, Samuel Wilkes, and Jennifer Wolford.


Steel Toe Review: Volume 1

We’d like to acknowledge the following individuals for their generous contributions to our Kickstarter campaign: L. Ward Abel, Katie Berger, Melissa Bobe, Jessie Carty, Amy Crosby, Angela DiPaolo, Madhu Ghosh, Jennifer Horne, Don Jennings, George Mostoller, Richard Peake, Ron Pullins, Shiela Snow-Croft, Jeff Spicer, and Lindsey Walker.

We would also like to thank Sean Hogan for his work on the cover, Stephen Smith and Justin Wayne Butts for their illustrations, and of course, all the authors.