M. David Hornbuckle is the founder, publisher, managing editor, lead prose editor, and man-about-town of Steel Toe Review. He has had dozens of stories, poems, and articles published in a variety of media from newsprint to pixels.

Matt Layne is the lead poetry editor. Librarian by day, poet by night, he has been keeping the mean streets of Birmingham safe with his ability to twist the most menacing of phrases into beautiful butterflies of verse.

Halley Cotton is an associate editor who helps read poetry submissions when she has time in between her dozen other jobs. She is a graduate student in UAB’s Creative Writing Program, where she teaches composition and also serves on staff with Birmingham Poetry Review. Her work has appeared in the Birmingham Arts Journal. When not immersed in working, interning, or school she can often be found in a local coffee shop or pounding the pavement of her beloved Birmingham looking for its hidden treasures.

Jason Walker Jason Walker teaches composition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Measure, Think Journal,Cellpoems, The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology, and elsewhere. His book reviews have been published in Birmingham Poetry Review, where he is a staff member. He also plays bass/co-writes lyrics for the Birmingham-based rock band Limbs. His short-shorts can be found online in Monkeybicycle, The Café Irreal, Nap, and others.

Nicole Gibson is our intern. She is an MFA candidate in creative writing at the Savannah College of Art and Design.


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