Issue #2, January 2011

Table of Contents – Issue #2

Editor’s Note


“A Good Snow” by Brent Stauffer

“Carolyne Park Elementary” by Louis Bourgeois

Flash Fiction

“Proposal” by Robert Vaughan


“Side by Side” by Lori A. May

“Premonitions” by Lori A. May

“In and Outside of Glass” by Lori A. May

“If We Could Just Save One Pure Moment  (or, The Last Thread)” by George Mostoller

“Is Blue More Identical Than Music?” by Grantley Rushing

“Holy” by Curtis Rutherford

“Highway” by Mark Wisniewski

“Fools” by Mark Wisniewski

Prose Poetry

“The Second Hand” by Zachary C. Bush

“Exit Strategy” by Zachary C. Bush

“Fable of the Wolf” by Howie Good

“Triptych” by Howie Good

“The Anniversary of Endless War” by Howie Good


Photography by bl pawelek

“Is Blue More Identical Than Music?” by Grantley Rushing

Is blue more identical than music?
Is love less preliminary than foam?
If tidal daughters revoke the moon,
will sandy thoughts expire?

Do green ideas sleep furiously?
Are slipknots denser than dreams?
If courage whistles shiny mandalas,
Will irony sing blue gyres?

Grantley Rushing was pursuing a masters degree in philosophy from the University of Mississippi. Now he’s moving to New Orleans. Prob’ly to cook.