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Issue #27, Summer 2017

Table of Contents, Issue #27 Editor’s Note Fiction “Breaking the Surface” by Jeannette Brown “Marriage” by James Armstrong “Poolside at the Hemingway House” by Holly Hollar “Next Time Take the Skyline” by Mather Schneider Three Flash Fiction Stories by Kathryn M. … Continue reading

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“Next Time Take the Skyline” by Mather Schneider

Dispatch sent me to a house in the Tucson foothills. It was a typical foothills community full of upper class false-adobe houses all painted the same sallow desert tan. No real color was allowed by the neighborhood ordinance. It was … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note, Issue #27

In the summer of 2010, I moved from New York City back to my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama. Having recently published a novel and a collection of short stories, I hoped to contribute something to the literary culture of Birmingham. … Continue reading

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“Shitty Tattoos” by Charlotte Covey

This is a story about boys, which means it’s a story about Zachary. I Sebastian was the lead singer of a band, which thrilled me, as I never grew out of being a sixteen year old girl. He had a … Continue reading

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“Fragmentation” by Brandi Bolt

When your mother told me about how you used to lay along the sidewalk and pet blades of grass, I knew that our children would be good. Their souls would stem hope from your familial roots. They would build homes … Continue reading

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“Outside Irondale” by Jesse Breite

Outside Irondale, we bought our hearts in recreational explosives, lit them with the ends of our cigarettes, and shot them from car windows. Out of gas on highway 78, grass grew through tractors, and blue jays watched. Landry pulled and … Continue reading

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“If the World Ends While I’m on Campus” by Keri Withington

If the world ends while I’m on campus If we could hold Neyland Stadium in a zombie apocalypse we’d have plenty of gates fences concessions to raid clothing too Most people wouldn’t survive the first wave, of course, campus would … Continue reading

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