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Issue #25, Fall 2016

Table of Contents, Issue #25 Editor’s Note Fiction “Killerman” by Michael Hammerle “Monster” by Barbara Nishimoto Poetry Three Poems by Keith Donnell Three Poems by John Sullivan Two Poems by Charles Kell Two Poems by Daniel Moore Two Poems by Jim Murphy “Sestina” by … Continue reading

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“Monster” by Barbara Nishimoto

Ishigawa was walking west on Arizona. It was midmorning Wednesday, and he knew the weekly farmers’ market would already be crowded making it difficult to follow Arizona all the way to the ocean. But that was okay; he had a … Continue reading

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“Blue Blazes” by Cameron Hunt McNabb

Between 7000 and 10,000 Kelvin, a flame blazes blue. But this is only my most recent understanding of blue blazes. The earliest comes from my grandmother, who was also ignorant of anything in Kelvin. Her simile “It’s as hot as … Continue reading

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“She Was Playing a Part I Could Understand” by Terry Barr

I watched The Last Picture Show again this week. Sonny, and that poor girlfriend of his, “Charlene,” are still making out in the last row of the Royal Theater, The Father of the Bride playing in their semi-shadowed faces. As … Continue reading

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“Orlando Furioso” by Hilary Sideris

You browse E-bay. I scan Shakespeare: pleasure/ treasure, have/grave. You find a deal out loud, vieni, guarda, a leatherbound, five-hundred-year-old poem in your tongue, one you won’t read, bid on to show how you can snag a Ludovico at low … Continue reading

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“The Old Life” by Bill Pruitt

When you activate your cell phone and it shows the old time for an instant before switching to current time, do you know what that really is? It is a sleeping soldier supposed to be on guard duty, standing at … Continue reading

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“Sestina” by KA Webb

Go on and die and see if I’m bothered. See if I run down to Shit Creek like some lost pup and dig in the banks for the gaudy, god-awful ring you gave me. What made you think I’d wear … Continue reading

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