“Proposal” by Robert Vaughan

When Tony tells me he wants to get married, I bust out laughing. I mean, c’mon Tony, you’re still naked, we’ve just finished two six-packs at Casey’s. Why now? I’ve waited two years for you to even let me know I exist. For you to work through all your uptight white Christian bullshit. For you to introduce me, even as friend, to your family.  And now you want to get married? I have to wonder, how much of this is because I’m black.

I do.

Robert Vaughan’s plays have been produced in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Milwaukee where he resides. He leads two writing roundtables for Redbird-Redoak Studio. His prose and poetry is published or forthcoming in over 80 literary journals. He was interviewed about Flash Fiction by WUWM’s Lake Effect. His work is included in 6S MIND GAMES anthology. He is a fiction editor at jmww magazine. A flash editor for Thunderclap! His blog: http://rgv7735.wordpress.com.