Photographs by Eleanor Leonne Bennett

Speak to Another or Live in a Lonely World
Walking Through Skeleton Trees

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 16-year-old internationally award-winning photographer and artist who has won first places with National Geographic, The World Photography Organisation, Nature’s Best Photography, Papworth Trust, Mencap, The Woodland Trust, and Postal Heritage. Her photography has been published in The Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC News Website, and on the cover of books and magazines in the United states and Canada. Her art is globally exhibited, having shown work in London, Paris, Indonesia, Los Angeles, Florida, Washington, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia, and The Environmental Photographer of the year Exhibition (2011) amongst many other locations. She was also the only person from the UK to have her work displayed in the National Geographic and Airbus-run See The Bigger Picture global exhibition tour with the United Nations International Year Of Biodiversity 2010.

Photography by J. Burford


These are the "off-limits" loading tracks at Sloss Furnace in Birmingham. Sloss is full of fantastic locations if you happen to miss one or two "Keep Out" signs.


Local skaters in Birmingham found burned out buildings downtown made for an excellent skate park. No real equipment but rubble being used as easily as custom constructed hardwear.

J. Burford was born and raised in Alabama and has lived all over the state. Currently, he works as a chef and bartender in Birmingham. In life and work, he focuses on the counter-culture and diversity found anywhere. His aim as a photographer is to point out the beauty and intrigue inherent in everyone.

Photography by Molly Hand


The Ian Sturrock Memorial Pipe Band is named to honor the memory of Ian Sturrock of Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland, the first to teach bagpipes in the state of Alabama and is considered by many to be the source of Birmingham's proud Piping tradition.


Burchfields peanuts, a southern tradition since 1937. Photo taken at the Collinsville Trade Day.

On a Wire

Photo taken while wandering the streets of Birmingham.

Molly Hand, a native of Birmingham, Alabama is a photographer and mixed media artist. With more than ten years Irish dancing experience, she is also the Director of the Alabama Academy of Irish Dance.  The focus of her photos generally revolves around capturing the rich diversity of life and culture in Alabama. 

Issue #2, January 2011

Table of Contents – Issue #2

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“A Good Snow” by Brent Stauffer

“Carolyne Park Elementary” by Louis Bourgeois

Flash Fiction

“Proposal” by Robert Vaughan


“Side by Side” by Lori A. May

“Premonitions” by Lori A. May

“In and Outside of Glass” by Lori A. May

“If We Could Just Save One Pure Moment  (or, The Last Thread)” by George Mostoller

“Is Blue More Identical Than Music?” by Grantley Rushing

“Holy” by Curtis Rutherford

“Highway” by Mark Wisniewski

“Fools” by Mark Wisniewski

Prose Poetry

“The Second Hand” by Zachary C. Bush

“Exit Strategy” by Zachary C. Bush

“Fable of the Wolf” by Howie Good

“Triptych” by Howie Good

“The Anniversary of Endless War” by Howie Good


Photography by bl pawelek