Issue #28, Fall 2019

Table of Contents, Issue #28

Editor’s Note


“Sabotage” by Robert Earle
“Lyle and the Spaceman” by Lee Rozelle


Two Poems by Ashley M. Jones
Two Poems by Sarah L. Webb
Two Poems by Kayla Sargeson
Two Poems by Richard Hamilton
“Whitman on the Mississippi, May 1848” by Jesse Breite
“The Farm I’ve Willed You” by John Davis, Jr.
“Baker’s Dozen” by Frank Modica
“The Long Haul” by Brad Rose

Creative Non-Fiction

“Some Good Hills Lie Around Me” by Carita Keim


Illustrations by George Mostoller

Book Roundup: Daniel Moore, Shamrock McShane, Esteban Rodriguez, Deborah Gold, Dan Jacoby

Issue #27, Summer 2017

Table of Contents, Issue #27

Editor’s Note


“Breaking the Surface” by Jeannette Brown

“Marriage” by James Armstrong

“Poolside at the Hemingway House” by Holly Hollar

“Next Time Take the Skyline” by Mather Schneider

Three Flash Fiction Stories by Kathryn M. Barber


Two Poems by Steven Knepper

Two Poems by Jeffery N. Johnson

Two Poems by Jake Sheff

“If the World Ends While I’m on Campus” by Keri Withington

“Outside Irondale” by Jesse Breite

“Fragmentation” by Brandi Bolt


Creative Non-Fiction

“Shitty Tattoos” by Charlotte Covey

Issue #26, Spring 2017

Table of Contents, Issue #26

Editor’s Note


“Lamentation #47” by Dan Leach

“Yeah, That’s It” by Charles Israel

“When I Think of Bees” by H R Green

“Trading Houses” by Nancy Bourne

“My Friend Jeb” by Katie Burgess


Three Poems by Bobby Steve Baker

Two Poems by Jon Riccio

“Death is a Festival” by Anis Shivani

“Sterner Stuff” by Bonnie Rae Walker

“1 of 52” by Joe Albanese

“Thinking Clearly” by Susan L. Leary

“Still Points” by Stephen Reilly

Creative Non-Fiction

“Finishing Plates” by Ashley Shaw

“Swept Away! Jimmy Pro Washes Out in Terlingua Creek” by William C. Crawford

Visual Art

Paintings by Allen Forrest

Periodic Photo Project by Mark Wyatt

Issue #25, Fall 2016

Table of Contents, Issue #25

Editor’s Note


“Killerman” by Michael Hammerle

“Monster” by Barbara Nishimoto


Three Poems by Keith Donnell

Three Poems by John Sullivan

Two Poems by Charles Kell

Two Poems by Daniel Moore

Two Poems by Jim Murphy

“Sestina” by KA Webb

“Orlando Furioso” by Hilary Sideris

“The Old Life” by Bill Pruitt

Creative Non-Fiction

“She Was Playing a Part I Could Understand” by Terry Barr

“Blue Blazes” by Cameron Hunt McNabb

“Wicked” by Megan Newcomer

“This is Not a Tree” by Renae Tucker

Issue #24, Winter/Spring 2016

Table of Contents, Issue #24

Editor’s Note


“Making Chairs” by Tim Nalley

“The Bulldog and the Snake” by Adam Van Winkle

“Innocence” by Robert Earle

“Grandma’s Postcard” by Gershon Ben-Avraham

“Extinguish the Light” by Leland Pitts-Gonzalez


Three Poems by Ashley M. Jones

Three Poems by James Valvis

Three Poems by Jeffrey Alfier

Three Poems by Robert Eastwood

Three Poems by Allan Peterson

Visual Art

Forensic Foraging Photography by William Crawford

Issue #23, Fall/Winter 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #23

Editor’s Note


“Sole” by Diane Thomas-Plunk

“Daddy Issues” by Dan Leach

“Sointula” by Sean Jackson

“Pumps” by Mindy Friddle

“Case” by S. F. Wright

“The Omni” by William Garland


“Kind Woman: Please Say It’s All Right” by Terry Barr


Three Poems by Scott Howdeshell

Three Poems by J. G. McClure

Three Poems by D. R. Goodman

Three Poems by Billy Palmer

Two Poems by Mercedes Lawry

Two Poems by Judith Skillman

“Mama Explains Marrying Daddy” by Suzanne Rhodenbaugh

“Shroud” by Marc Harshman

Visual Art

Source Energy by Merrilee Challiss

Portraits of Flannery by Panhandle Slim

Issue #22, Late Summer 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #22

Editor’s Note


“Improbable Depth” by Robert Hunter Whitworth

“The Last House in Picher” by Dylan Henderson

“Ooga Booga” by Christopher Chilton

“In My Eyes” by Katherine West


“Honeymoon” by Joy Krause


Three Poems by Mario Duarte

Three Poems by Daniel Moore

Three Poems by Paul Piatkowski

Three Poems by Carrie Conners

Two Poems by Dan Jacoby

“Ancestry” by Symphony Romaine

Visual Art

“Heading South” by David Thompson