Issue #3, February 2011

Table of Contents, Issue #3

Editor’s Note


“Waiting for an Amputation” by Matthew Dexter

“Sex of Food” by Jessie Carty

“Albert Triantis” by Louis Bourgeois


“Ways to Remember Birmingham”by Len Kunz

“The Rain in Birmingham” by Len Kunz

“Molted” by Len Kunz

“A Sprint Ritual” by Catfish McDaris

“My Magnum Opus” by Catfish McDaris

“angel untied” by bl pawelek

“metal and snap” by bl pawelek

“Auburn Memory” by Katie Berger

“Snow Collection” by Katie Berger

“The Young Ghosts Still Good Friends” by Geoff Munsterman

“Road Trip” by Geoff Munsterman


“Soul Trail” by Craig Legg

Two Poems by Catfish McDaris

Editor’s note: “My Magnum Opus” was nominated for the 2010/11 Best of the Net Awards.

A Spring Ritual

When the lilacs bloom
their purple scent intoxicating
the air, the white bass run
in the Root River

My ladies & I catch
three & cook them over
a pungent fire on
green sticks with herbs

Most fisher folks take
stringers full & stop
at a place & clean
their catch for hours

They look at us quizzically
as we feast & wiggle our
toes in the icy rushing water.

My Magnum Opus

As I paint
I think about

Van Gogh painting
sunflowers & irises

Degas painting ballerinas

Cezanne painting fruit

Gauguin’s Tahitian women

Frida Kahlo capturing sadness

Neruda & Li Po painting
with words

I wonder if any
of them ever

Painted a bathroom
with ordinary
white latex.

Catfish McDaris is from New Mexico. He’s traveled by thumb, freight train, and the shoe leather express across the U.S. and Mexico. He lived a summer in a mountain cave above a hot springs and a winter in a ’63 Impala in Denver.