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“The Change” by Jessie Carty

She was tired of it. The clichés. Her heart humping. Her brow lowing with sweat. She could only call herself mercurial. So obvious. Her moods viscous. She felt she was doing it to herself. That her axis was too short; … Continue reading

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“The Deeps” by Jessie Carty

Within most of “the deeps” definitions are parts of its name: deep as in that part of the sea, the abyss, an immeasurable extent of salt water. The tiamat. The mother of all life. Eve. Some great ancient uterus, receptacle … Continue reading

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“My Nerd Boy” by Jessie Carty

You walk on your heels as if they are bananas. You have a bad complexion: red and mountainous. But, you are brave enough to jump from trees, to climb without monkey arms. You drop to me, calling me: dream. You … Continue reading

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Issue #3, February 2011

Table of Contents, Issue #3 Editor’s Note Fiction “Waiting for an Amputation” by Matthew Dexter “Sex of Food” by Jessie Carty “Albert Triantis” by Louis Bourgeois Poetry “Ways to Remember Birmingham”by Len Kunz “The Rain in Birmingham” by Len Kunz … Continue reading

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“Sex of Food” by Jessie Carty

Jack makes Jill feel old. She agreed to rent American Pie for him because, as he put it, all of his friends had seen it and his parents (he always forgot they were also her parents) were just lame for … Continue reading

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