two poems by bl pawelek

angel untied

when the light shines out
and deep time is still
prayered away
you’ll fold the arms
to cover yourself
sink the head within
the wings and wish for sleep

an angel untied
throws his fists
against the broken bars
ropes at his feet
dragging the sun to noon

with a scream
it all stops

deathly silent for a moment
until a breath
that throws it all

metal and snap

the fuel turns orange and drops
combines and eventually colors away
for the few minutes
love surrounds the warmth
sings a sharp song
percussion and continue

the metal and snap of existence
listen and she will come again
you are here i am here
only fuel and the others
survive until morning
then gate close and fuel stop

bl pawelek is the author of the e-book, “The Equation of Constants”
(Artistically Declined Press) and leads the Ten Everywhere
(FlatmanCrooked) and The Unfirm Line (Pank) projects. His abstract photography appeared in the January 2011 issue of Steel Toe Review.