Issue #9, November-December 2011

Table of Contents, Issue #9

Editor’s Note


“The Helter Skelter War” by Leland Pitts-Gonzalez

“Blow, Satchmo, Blow Part I: The E Train” by Melissa Bobe

“Put it Right” by Murray Dunlap

“Edge” by Sheila Lamb


“Certain Unexplainable Events” by Cody Daigle


Three Poems by Karla Linn Merrifield

“New Shoes: Outside a Refugee Camp in Somalia” by Len Kuntz

“Desegregation Days” by Tyler Malone

“Night Logic (with Pain)” by Corey Mesler

“Ouroboros” by Christopher Oie Keller


Wire Art by Molly Hand

Issue #3, February 2011

Table of Contents, Issue #3

Editor’s Note


“Waiting for an Amputation” by Matthew Dexter

“Sex of Food” by Jessie Carty

“Albert Triantis” by Louis Bourgeois


“Ways to Remember Birmingham”by Len Kunz

“The Rain in Birmingham” by Len Kunz

“Molted” by Len Kunz

“A Sprint Ritual” by Catfish McDaris

“My Magnum Opus” by Catfish McDaris

“angel untied” by bl pawelek

“metal and snap” by bl pawelek

“Auburn Memory” by Katie Berger

“Snow Collection” by Katie Berger

“The Young Ghosts Still Good Friends” by Geoff Munsterman

“Road Trip” by Geoff Munsterman


“Soul Trail” by Craig Legg