Issue #17 – Summer 2013

Table of Contents, Issue #17

Editor’s Note


“Daryl and Pete-O Go to Walmart” by Cathy Adams

“Far Off and Near” by Nick LaRocca

“Periscope (Hart Crane)” by Lauren Eyler

“Resurrection Fern” by CL Bledsoe

“Joe W.” by Geoff Peck

“Like a Bull” by Katie Burgess


“Separate, But…” by Terry Barr


Three Prose Poems by Esteban Rodriguez

Two Poems by Karla Linn Merrifield

Two Poems by Troy Schoultz

“Tongue Economics” by John Davis, Jr.

“Robert Johnson and His Mentor Play for the Dead” by Isaac Mason

“Alpine Structures” by Silvana Alfonso


Photography by Tym Cornell

Photography by David J. Thompson