Issue #6, August 2011

Table of Contents, Issue #6

Editor’s Note

2011 Summer Fiction Contest

Fiction contest winner: “Consider the Gap” by George Sawaya

Fiction contest honorable mention: “Mulciber” by Sean Hogan

Fiction contest honorable mention: “The Smoking  Bun” by Lucinda Dupree


“Jackpot” by Lindsey Walker

“Switchback” by Roger Real Drouin

“Meet Me by the River” by Nels Hanson

“All the Right Notes” by T.R. Healy

Flash Fiction

“Tore Up” by Dale Wisely


“Monroe County Line” by L. Ward Abel

“District Court as Community Theater” by Al Maginnes

“If I Rise” by Amit Parmessur

“Summer Girls in Pale Chiffon” by William Childress

“The Fabulists” by William Childress

Prose Poetry

“Incurable” by Howie Good


“Regional ‘Othering’ in Hershell Lewis’ Two Thousand Maniacs!” by William Matthew McCarter


Photography by Molly Hand

Issue #4, March 2011

Table of Contents, Issue #4

Editor’s Note


“Treasure” by Murray Dunlap

“Serial Killers” by Melissa Studdard


“Recycled” by Kenneth P. Gurney

“Mentality” by Kenneth P. Gurney

“Deeper Shade of Red” by Kenneth P. Gurney

“Writing Life” by Howie Good

“The Butterfly Garden of Absinthe” by Howie Good

“Eternal Recurrence of the Same” by Howie Good

“The Lullaby” by Karla Linn Merrifield

“Gulf Coast Sutra” by Karla Linn Merrifield

“The Last Crummy Poem?” by James Valvis

“Oblivion” by Peycho Kanev

“Purity” by Peycho Kanev

“Pine Trees and Alligators” by Richard Peake

“Hunting Piney Woods” by Richard Peake

“Feeding Gulls” by Richard Peake

“Hookers on Archer Avenue” by Michael Lee Johnson

“Pinocchio, Breaking” by Daniel Romo

“First Snow” by Daniel Romo

Editor’s Note, Issue #4

We’re a couple of days late wrapping up our March 2011 issue. We won’t try to re-cap everything we’ve published in the past month here. Just go read it for yourself.

We aren’t slacking off–just still tweaking the format so we can find the best way to keep you coming back regularly. In March, we posted a ton of great poetry and two awesome short stories, all of which we were very happy to include. We’d love to have more fiction submissions, and we’d love to publish more multimedia work. Please keep sending us stuff and spread the word about this site.

By the way, none of us here at STR are making a penny from this venture. We wouldn’t mind making a penny here and there, but right now we have no advertising, we don’t charge a “reading fee” for regular submissions. We don’t even charge an entry fee for our contests, though this may change in the future; we are currently paying the prize money out of our own pockets. Not to mention the cost of fliers, postcards, and stickers we had printed up. We’re not asking you for money to defray these costs right now. We just want you to know what’s up.

If you have any ideas about how to better get the word out about Steel Toe Review, we’d love to hear what you have to say. Just email us at steeltoereview AT gmail and tell us what you think. If you are in the Birmingham area and you are interested in getting involved with STR in any capacity, drop us a line and tell us what you’d like to do.

Finally, in the coming month, we are excited to have two major milestones on the horizon: the deadline of our first fiction contest and our first live event! For details, visit our front page.

Yrs. Trly.,

M. David Hornbuckle


Issue #1, November 2010

Table of Contents – Issue #1

Editors’ Note


“Catching Frogs” by M. David Hornbuckle

“At the Fish Tanks” by Louis E. Bourgeois

“Amalo” by Sarah Fisch

“Interview with a Starving Man” by Juan Carlos Reyes


“In the Garden” by Matt Layne

“Mixing Socrates and Descartes” by James Valvis

“A Likely Story” by James Valvis

“They Are Just” by James  Valvis

“Red Paint Hill” by Chris Hayes

“Variation on a Theme by Larry Levis” by Chris Hayes

“Return” by Chris Hayes

Prose Poetry

“Grey Lights” by Zachary C. Bush


“Of Harbingers, Of Malcontents: An Opera” By Michael Tesney


“To Be or Not To Be” by LaDonna Smith


“Botanical Gardens 1, 2, and 3” by George Mostoller

“Thank You” by Frog