Editor’s Note, Issue #6

Welcome back. We hope you had as fun and productive a summer as we did.

Over the summer we did some tweaking of our look and our process. We are now using submishmash for our submissions, which will help keep us better organized and hopefully improve response time. We think our visual redesign is sleeker and more professional looking.

Throughout August, we will be gradually posting the material we’ve selected for this issue, starting with the winner of our first ever fiction contest. We would like to congratulate George Sawaya for winning what turned out to be a very difficult challenge because, stupidly, we picked a theme that, in retrospect, was overly narrow. However, we got some very interesting entries, and Sawaya’s “Mind the Gap” was the clear winner. We are also going to be posting honorable mention stories from Sean Hogan and Lucinda Dupree.

And while we are handing out congratulations, we have to mention that we’ve nominated several pieces for the 2010/11 Best of the Net Awards.

In fiction:

“Serial Killers” by Melissa Studdard
“At the Fish Tanks” by Louis Bourgeois

In poetry:

“My Magnum Opus” by Catfish McDaris
“Auburn Memory” by Katie Berger
“In the Garden” by Matt Layne
“Holy” by Curtis Rutherford
“Red Paint Hill” by Chris Hayes

We have lots of other great content this month as well. Keep coming back to see what’s new.

-M. David Hornbuckle, editor