Editor’s Note, Issue #9

Here it is halfway through November, and I’m just getting started on issue #9. Due to an insanely busy schedule that has to accommodate paying work, graduate school, and several other projects, we’re not going to slow down our pace here for the next few months. This issue is technically for November 2011, but it will have to suffice to keep you entertained until after the new year. Look for issue #10 to come out in February or possibly March.

It’s worth noting that this issue marks one full year that we’ve been publishing Steel Toe Review. We hope to print a hardcopy anthology early next year to feature the best of what we’ve published in the past year. More information about that soon.

Perhaps also worth noting—I turned 40 this week. I haven’t really had much time to reflect on what, if anything, that means. Over the past four decades, I’ve done a lot of very interesting things: written books, toured with rock bands, failed at a lot of relationships (some of which succeeded much longer than expected), and held a diverse series of day jobs that ranges from beekeeper’s assistant to computer-based training developer.

And yet, if one thing stands out to me now about where I am in my life, it’s that I’m just getting started. After all, I’m back in school again. I’m learning new things every day. I have done a lot, but I have so much left to do.

Steel Toe Review is one of the things I’m most excited to be working on. With every issue, I’m astounded at the quality of work that we receive, even though right now, we’re only a tiny blip on the radar of the literary world. It’s only going to get bigger and better.

Keep sending us your work, and keep reading. We won’t be posting quite as often as we have been the last few months, but we’ll still be here.