“The Change” by Jessie Carty

She was tired of it. The clichés. Her heart humping. Her brow lowing with sweat. She could only call herself mercurial. So obvious. Her moods viscous. She felt she was doing it to herself. That her axis was too short; her orbit too small for her to remember a 9-5 life and 8 hours of sleep. She was tired of being a liquid, of being moved by a need to balance. She wanted to be as accurate as a barometer. Not hormonal. But, at least she knew that once it was over she would finally be dry. If she could just breathe through this bubble and pop.

Jessie Carty’s writing has appeared in publications such as, MARGIE, decomP, and Connotation Press. She is the author of four poetry chapbooks which include The Wait of Atom (Folded Word 2009) and the upcoming Fat Girl (Sibling Rivalry, 2011) as well as the award winning full length poetry collection, Paper House (Folded Word 2010). Jessie teaches at RCCC in Concord, NC. She is also the photographer and editor for Referential Magazine. She can be found around the web, especially at jessiecarty.com where she blogs about everything from housework to the act of blogging itself. Her story “Sex of Food” appeared in STR Issue #3.