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“Still Points” by Stephen Reilly

The winter of ’77 already made its mark. Snow flurries freckled Fort Lauderdale. Frost after frost froze tomatoes to the roots. Three space heaters warmed nights barely bearable in that cottage – not meant for more than the overnight stays … Continue reading

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“Thinking Clearly” by Susan L. Leary

The priest, he assures us he is in heaven, that he made it through the gates because he was not in his right mind, because he was not thinking clearly. Thank God for his suffering. But his Son, did he … Continue reading

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“1 of 52” by Joe Albanese

another week of job applications another week with no responses another week of writing another week of rejections another week of punching the wall or door or fence until my fist is swollen or bleeding, just to expel something the … Continue reading

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“Sterner Stuff” by Bonnie Rae Walker

Her graying braid coils up to a crown of plaited wool – the august doyenne of the discount shopping aisle. With her children to her chest, her body flowers full. Hand-me-downs and papers sacks rush down the road to school. … Continue reading

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Two Poems by Jon Riccio

The Alloy Marquee (a sword swallowers’ support group) Here comes Bergen of the debauched lung, loincloth at the permanent tailors, asthma eclipsing. Constrict: a verb attendees share like kliegways and chrome thrush. Poor Mike Smith, stage name The Alveoli Avenger … Continue reading

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Three Poems by Bobby Steve Baker

Thunderstorm #10 One summer day at the lake when I had just turned thirteen, that day at the lake when the horizon vanished through the wet electric air, sky to lake monotone slate. Three beach girls I had been watching— … Continue reading

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“Death is a Festival” by Anis Shivani

36. Presidents, naps, and a thick witney coat, being cheated with false money in a message or the conclusion of a letter. The aristocracy dare not ask professors to dinner at the time of their breeding, which is a wipe … Continue reading

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