Issue #21, Road Trip To New Orleans

Table of Contents, Issue #21

Editor’s Note


“The Mentor” by Larry Ellis

“Requiem for Ruined Water” by Gregg Kleiner

“Pivot Point” by Robert Earle

“Levee Lullaby” by Sarah Rolinski


“Kindness of Strangers” by Louise McKinney

“Hot Mouth” A Memoir on Memory” by Nicola Preuss

Visual Art

New Orleans Sketches by Stephen Smith

Streetcars in Snow by Susan Erickson

Issue #20, Winter/Spring 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #20

Editor’s Note


“Big Bend” by Cynthia Sample

“The Nice-to-Haves” by Ramona Reeves

“Vanilla Orchid” by Murray Dunlap

“Muddy Water” by Amanda Pauley

“Accelerating through the Curve” by David Langlinais

“Faces” by John Oliver Hodges

“Slicer” by Jerry Rabushka


“The Lyric” by Tom Whalen


“Robins at the Bath” by Judith Skillman

“After Winter Solstice” by Judith Skillman

“I’ll Have a Virgin Mint Julep” by Judith Skillman

“Holy Mayonnaise” by Marissa Rose

“Mother Possum” by Marissa Rose

“This is a Way of Naming” by Tina Mozelle Braziel

“Dawn, DFW International” by John A. McDermott

“Gertrude Stein, Part Two” by Lori Lasseter Hamilton


“DADA’s Home” by Ron Pullins

“Arlecchino Am Ravenous”  by Ian Thal

Visual Art

“Modern Masters Revisited” by Allen Forrest

Issue #19, Winter/Spring 2014

Table of Contents, Issue #19

Editor’s Note


“Yonder Comes a Sucker” by Matthew McEver

“The Séance” by Cathy Rose

“Astronauts” by Christopher X. Shade

“Boxed In” by Kim Siegelson

“In the Deep End” by Sarah Jennings


“The Love ‘Tween Our Brothers and Sisters Will Last” by Terry Barr

“Altar Call” by Rori Leigh Hoatlin


Two Poems by Sara Henning

Two Poems by Maari Carter

Two Poems by Philip Theibert

“A Gangbanger’s Wake” by Dan Jacoby

“In All Things (A Pecha Kucha for My Future Son)” by Devin Kelly

Issue #18, Fall 2013

Table of Contents, Issue #18

Editor’s Note


“Offender” by Christopher Lowe

“Good Friends” by Rhonda Browning White

“Thousands of Days and Nights” by Gary Carter

“Tips” by Lis Anna


“Tobacco Road Revisited” by Rita Welty Bourke

“The Real Thing: My Life in Coke” by Deborah Gold

“Southern Separation Anxiety” by M. David Hornbuckle


Two Poems by Matt Dennison

Two Poems by Michael Dowdy

“Zoology of Reflected Things” by James Grinwis

“Ghost” by Anna Lowe Weber

“An Offering” by Ray McManus

Photo Essay

“Parade in a Texas Town” by Christopher Woods

Issue #17 – Summer 2013

Table of Contents, Issue #17

Editor’s Note


“Daryl and Pete-O Go to Walmart” by Cathy Adams

“Far Off and Near” by Nick LaRocca

“Periscope (Hart Crane)” by Lauren Eyler

“Resurrection Fern” by CL Bledsoe

“Joe W.” by Geoff Peck

“Like a Bull” by Katie Burgess


“Separate, But…” by Terry Barr


Three Prose Poems by Esteban Rodriguez

Two Poems by Karla Linn Merrifield

Two Poems by Troy Schoultz

“Tongue Economics” by John Davis, Jr.

“Robert Johnson and His Mentor Play for the Dead” by Isaac Mason

“Alpine Structures” by Silvana Alfonso


Photography by Tym Cornell

Photography by David J. Thompson

Issue #16 – Spring 2013

Table of Contents, Issue #16

Editor’s Note


“Like a Burst of Fire” by Jackson Culpepper

“Vietnam. Fucking Vietnam” by William Trent Pancoast

“Shots in the Dark” by Allegra Armstrong


Three Poems by Michael Diebert

Two Poems by Charlie Burttram

Two Poems by Claudia Serea

“The Kitchen Floor” by Colleen Powderly

“How the Moose Fell in Snow” by Donald Illich

“Cultural Criticism” by Foster Dickson


Woodcuts by Loren Kantor

“Eyeball from Space” by George Mostoller

Issue #15 – Winter 2013

Table of Contents, Issue #15

Editor’s Note


“Firsts” by Michael Farris Smith

“Christmas Miracle” by Samuel Wilkes

“Roadmaster” by Shamrock McShane


“To Sell a House” by Brent Tubbs

“Kerry” by Ian Hoppe


Three Poems by Mario Duarte

Three Poems by Karla Linn Merrifield

Three Poems by Jim Murphy

Two Poems by Sandra Kolankiewicz

“Miss Lydia’s Dance School and Social Club” by Tobi Cogswell

“/home” by Melissa Bobe

“Quicksand” by George Mostoller


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