“If the World Ends While I’m on Campus” by Keri Withington

If the world ends while I’m on campus

If we could hold Neyland Stadium 
in a zombie apocalypse
we’d have plenty of gates	fences
concessions to raid	clothing too

Most people wouldn’t survive the first wave, of course,
	campus would stink of the dead  
	the rotten eaten and eating
but if we survived	made the first crucial days

We’d need to focus on survival.
The end-game.
We could farm on the football field
corn on the twenty yard line
peas at the ten
forage from student center, the Strip

That sucker is huge	
We’d need a team		enough people 
for watch-duty in sky box, guards at the entrances,
work on fortifications

Outside the world goes to pot
zombies munching their way through fraternities
under giant We bleed orange billboards

We’d sleep safely at night
	despite the screams
find haven on the cheap seats
burn old playbooks

We’d discuss our old departments
stay alive, gain an education.

Keri Withington is an educator and poet who lives in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains, surrounded by TVA controlled lakes and rivers. Her work has previously appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, recently including Blue Fifth Review, Feminine Inquiry, and New Plains Review. Keri enjoys beating her partner at board games, watching nature documentaries with her kids, and going on adventures.