Issue #23, Fall/Winter 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #23

Editor’s Note


“Sole” by Diane Thomas-Plunk

“Daddy Issues” by Dan Leach

“Sointula” by Sean Jackson

“Pumps” by Mindy Friddle

“Case” by S. F. Wright

“The Omni” by William Garland


“Kind Woman: Please Say It’s All Right” by Terry Barr


Three Poems by Scott Howdeshell

Three Poems by J. G. McClure

Three Poems by D. R. Goodman

Three Poems by Billy Palmer

Two Poems by Mercedes Lawry

Two Poems by Judith Skillman

“Mama Explains Marrying Daddy” by Suzanne Rhodenbaugh

“Shroud” by Marc Harshman

Visual Art

Source Energy by Merrilee Challiss

Portraits of Flannery by Panhandle Slim