“Chickenchasers” by Thomas N. Dennis

I wish I had remembered to see the writing on the side of that van. We heard the rooster crowing in the late afternoon, so mournful out there in the honeysuckle, his crowing only half-hearted like a dog that, changing its mind about barking, half-swallows its woof. A muffled “doodle” here and a choked “do” there. Dogs nearby began rounds of puzzled barking. Shortly thereafter, a van came and parked in the circle. Two men in t-shirts and blue jeans quickly found it — flash of russet and red — took it protestingly away while we all watched from the porch. The dogs quieted down.

poultry retrieval
fowl relocation program
cockfight mafia

Thomas N. Dennis lives and writes near Lovick, Alabama. He’s been experimenting with haibun lately. His website is http://merefiction.com