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“Grandma’s Postcard” by Gershon Ben-Avraham

Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were. — Marcel Proust I was twelve years old when Grandma Davis, my dadʼs mom, died. I didnʼt know her very well. She lived in North Carolina, … Continue reading

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“Innocence” by Robert Earle

After twenty-four years, Gabriel Meehan was exonerated of rape-murder and went to church on his second Sunday home because his grandmother insisted. “I’ve always gone. None of the others have since you went away, but this time we’ll all hold … Continue reading

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“The Bulldog and the Snake” by Adam Van Winkle

“The Bulldog and the Snake” is excerpted from a novel in progress about a hard-scrabbled and reluctant patriarch in a fight for his property and family in southern Oklahoma entitled Abraham Anyhow. Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering … Continue reading

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“Extinguish the Light” by Leland Pitts-Gonzalez

“Why am I tied down?” I ask. “Precautions,” says the nurse. She has brittle, bureaucratic hair. The windows are painted black and there’s a long curtain dividing the room in two. It feels like we’re in a gym. “Isn’t this … Continue reading

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“Making Chairs” by Tim Nalley

The serrated edge of the bread knife left little scars along the baloney. I sliced it thin, not thick like my father used to like it, but as thin as I could get it without making holes. When the skillet … Continue reading

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“The Omni” by William Garland

I don’t guess I ever really understood why, but momma used to tell me that I ought to respect my daddy more. She kept harping on me about the way I went around talking about him. Saying a girl my … Continue reading

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“Case” by S. F. Wright

Edgar’s wife had left him for another man, and now he had the house to himself. In the morning he was occupied getting ready for work, and after he came home he was busy making supper. But the hours until … Continue reading

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