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“When I Think of Bees” by H R Green

We sit on lawn chairs as I watch her finger the honeycomb. She turns it between her fingers, brings it close to her nose and sniffs, always suspicious of the wax. A sluggish hum fills the afternoon as humidity stifles … Continue reading

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“Slicer” by Jerry Rabushka

I’m at the deli counter, hemmed in by aisles and product and customers and attitude. I watch him, a sharp featured amazing and aggressive guy who I’ve only ever seen standing on this one section of floor. Slicing cheese, slicing … Continue reading

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“Wild Horses” by Barry Basden

In a scruffy, near-empty bar off 14th, a couple buys me a tequila and we talk old tunes. They are slumming, the woman clearly in the lead, sizing me up. Her music memories come alive and I offer to get … Continue reading

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