Issue #26, Spring 2017

Table of Contents, Issue #26

Editor’s Note


“Lamentation #47” by Dan Leach

“Yeah, That’s It” by Charles Israel

“When I Think of Bees” by H R Green

“Trading Houses” by Nancy Bourne

“My Friend Jeb” by Katie Burgess


Three Poems by Bobby Steve Baker

Two Poems by Jon Riccio

“Death is a Festival” by Anis Shivani

“Sterner Stuff” by Bonnie Rae Walker

“1 of 52” by Joe Albanese

“Thinking Clearly” by Susan L. Leary

“Still Points” by Stephen Reilly

Creative Non-Fiction

“Finishing Plates” by Ashley Shaw

“Swept Away! Jimmy Pro Washes Out in Terlingua Creek” by William C. Crawford

Visual Art

Paintings by Allen Forrest

Periodic Photo Project by Mark Wyatt