“The Old Life” by Bill Pruitt

	When you activate your cell phone and it shows the old time for an instant
before switching to current time, do you know what that really is?

	It is a sleeping soldier supposed to be on guard duty, standing at attention when 
the officer walks in.
	It is the  old life, the old attitudes, hanging on when you thought they were gone. 

		It is the master magician, getting caught with his wand down—he almost let
you see that  time is an artifice.

bill-pruettBill Pruitt is a fiction writer, storyteller, poet, and an Assistant Editor with Narrative Magazine. He has published poems in such places as Ploughshares, Anderbo.com, Stone Boat and Cottonwood, two chapbooks with White Pine and FootHills and in recent issues of Off Course, Otis Nebula and Literary Juice. He has performed his original story, “Two Kinds of Fear,” a completely documented telling of the lives of Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass at various venues in Rochester. His short stories appear in recent issues of Crack the Spine Literary Magazine and Midway and in upcoming issues of Indiana Voice Journal, and Hypertext. He taught English to non-native speakers for 26 years. He and his wife Pam and have two children and two grandchildren.