Issue #20, Winter/Spring 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #20

Editor’s Note


“Big Bend” by Cynthia Sample

“The Nice-to-Haves” by Ramona Reeves

“Vanilla Orchid” by Murray Dunlap

“Muddy Water” by Amanda Pauley

“Accelerating through the Curve” by David Langlinais

“Faces” by John Oliver Hodges

“Slicer” by Jerry Rabushka


“The Lyric” by Tom Whalen


“Robins at the Bath” by Judith Skillman

“After Winter Solstice” by Judith Skillman

“I’ll Have a Virgin Mint Julep” by Judith Skillman

“Holy Mayonnaise” by Marissa Rose

“Mother Possum” by Marissa Rose

“This is a Way of Naming” by Tina Mozelle Braziel

“Dawn, DFW International” by John A. McDermott

“Gertrude Stein, Part Two” by Lori Lasseter Hamilton


“DADA’s Home” by Ron Pullins

“Arlecchino Am Ravenous”  by Ian Thal

Visual Art

“Modern Masters Revisited” by Allen Forrest