“Augur of Pendant” by Brent House

Hunger incises in the original register of wail & root

the blue veins feeding down through

chambers deliquesce as a generation latches suffrage & hope

to return to loft though nothing

altered the course with abundance

as` a fettered & vetted body carries a song

across nails of hardwood floors & under a wide stile

& upon my sheet to be heard.

Upon my draped & veiled pleasure thick purple leaves cultivate

a spherical heart & head

eased the pain of engorgement & withered

calm before the little white knives pierce silver

cross blood with sustenance in a flout of august moon.

Brent House is a native of Hancock County, Mississippi, where he raised cattle and watermelons on the family farm. Currently, he is a contributing editor for The Tusculum Review. His first chapbook, The Saw Year Prophecies, was published by Slash Pine Press.