Issue #11 – March/April 2012

Table of Contents, Issue #11

Editor’s Note


“Blow, Sachmo, Blow Part III: That Gig in the Sky” by Melissa Bobe

“A Nose for It” by Jan Wiezorek

“The Unsuccessful Biographer” by Dan Townsend

“Green Car Crash” by Lauren Eyler

“Snow Blind” by Terri Brown-Davidson


“The Squidbillies: Continuing a Tradition of Othering Rural Americans” by William Matthew McCarter


“Three Smokers” by Thomas Neil Dennis

“Night on Bleak Mountain” by Howie Good

“Still Life with Grapes” by Howie Good

“Resigned to a Hungry Sonnet” by Karla Linn Merrifield

“Pauli’s at the End” by Allen Berry

“Coffin News” by Philip Theibert

Three Poems by Lyn Lifshin


Illustrations by Justin Wayne Butts

Photographs by Eleanor Leonne Bennett