“Subjugated” by Gregory Gunn

Why are these phantasms
haunting me now?
Glib squawkers whose spittle
repulses & revolts
ad nauseum; moneymongers
from purgatorial depths,
drooping tongues drenched
in crimson corruption
splashing portraits
of wealth.

Interest of would-be
investors stroking rich
green hues cruel as cancer
gorging tactics only
the damned denizens
of dismal hell shall relish.

Ravishing fingers
forging through remains
of Misery’s murders,
heinous destruction ploughing
fields for remnants
of wasted souls.

I, with an otherworldly
outburst of wounded zeal
rucked too unreal for any
fiend’s extrication, cast
skepticism & distrust after
the apogee of ripened spells
that held me captive,
blinded & wingless
in a cataclysmic sky.

Gregory Gunn was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1960, and grew up in four small towns throughout Ontario before moving to London in 1970. He graduated from Fanshawe College in 1982 as an electronics technician. His poems have appeared in Afterthoughts, Aim Magazine, Ascent Aspirations, One Earth, Cyclamens and Swords, Inscribed Magazine, The Toronto Quarterly, Green’s Magazine, Wordletting, Songs for Every Race, Tangled Web Press, and Ditch Magazine.