“The Black House” by Kenny Fame

stands alone   on    shaky ground     f r o n t i n’
as (he)   s t r u g g l e s     to get work     done
cryin’     over wars     wagin’     w/ in
(his) own house  that has suddenly become  	   	/ d i v i d e d
                                                            in    yo/yard     cherry-pickin’     dubious
                                                            morsels     of   intelligence     how    s t u p i d
                                                            when      tea-cup (s)     r u n n e t h     over
                                                            still folk choose to     form their  own  party
                                                           out on 	    yo/lawn
                                                            beside that   missin’    s a c r e d    Bush/
gonna  take  more  than jus’   a    s p l a s h
of color to    refurbish that    broken down house
at least     in four short year (s)   (he) be
lieves   (his)  lease will be  up

Kenny Fame is the winner of The Tenth Annual Black Writers Conference Poetry Writing Award. He lives in New York City.