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“DADA’s Home” by Ron Pullins

SETTING: Living room with two chairs and a lamp. ON RISE: MAN enters, coming home from work. WOMAN sits, reading the paper. MAN: Hello, dear. I’m home. [MAN sits his briefcase on a table that isn’t there. It drops to … Continue reading

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“Arlecchino am Ravenous” by Ian Thal

Arlecchino: A poor servant having come from Bergamo, hungry and far from home. His emotions are almost protean, changing with every new situation, so much so that he can forget who he is and mistake himself for someone far more … Continue reading

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“The Interruption” by Roy Endean

Setting: The living room of a house, uninteresting save for its sparseness. To the right there is a small table at which sits a woman, Sylvia. In the middle another small table on which sits a telephone. To the left, … Continue reading

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“Certain Unexplainable Events” by Cody Daigle

Four actors. Four areas. The actors are aware of each other, but they do not interact (until the very end). They speak to us. THE ONE WHO SAW IT I don’t know if you think about life, like, in any … Continue reading

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“Pico” by Ron Pullins

Characters Pico Sprite, 16-25. Either sex. Any gender. Moss Male or Female, 30-60, bartender. Bum 1 Male or Female, 20-50 Bum 2 Male or Female, 20-50 With all characters in this one act, I am happy to have them non … Continue reading

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“Of Harbingers, Of Malcontents: An Opera” by Michael Tesney

Act 9 Scene I Setting: The skull of a rat. Above the eye cavities on either side are two small boxes one black and one yellow. The skull itself is to be painted with yellow and black stripes running vertically … Continue reading

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