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“Kind Woman: Please say It’s All Right” by Terry Barr

I first saw her as I was sitting on the grounds outside Old Main, gazing up at the shadowing limbs of the oak trees that framed the beauty of this 100-year old campus. My friend Cheryl sat next to me, … Continue reading

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“Honeymoon” by Joy Krause

She paused midway up the last porch step carefully avoiding the rotted wooden edge to listen to the night’s silence. She knew that sound, had known it for her fifty-two years. She smiled in reverence to Trinity, North Carolina’s country … Continue reading

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“Hot Mouth” A Memoir on Memory” by Nicola Preuss

August 2006 was the beginning of third grade at my new school. I tried on many made-up personalities the first few days, picking them out like dresses from my closet. I tried having a sassy attitude and that didn’t work … Continue reading

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“Kindness of Strangers” by Louise McKinney

—wherein the reader finds a monologue recorded aboard St. Charles Avenue’s streetcar line, Uptown, to Canal I’m walking up Felicity Street in New Orleans’ Lower Garden District, trodding over broken sidewalks crumbled to pieces by heaving roots of the live … Continue reading

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“The Lyric” by Tom Whalen

I could check the exact release date for In Search of the Castaways, a 1962 Disney adventure starring Hayley Mills, but it’s enough to know that the wind off Lake Charles is cold and damp and the neon lyre above … Continue reading

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“Separate, But…” by Terry Barr

Secrets are opened in moments like this: “Daddy, why are you and Mommy sleeping in different bedrooms?” The befuddled Daddy stares at his six-year old son, a boy not old enough to understand that he wasn’t supposed to ask this … Continue reading

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Doc: The Story of a Birmingham Jazz Man (Excerpt) by Frank “Doc” Adams and Burgin Mathews

Doc: The Story of a Birmingham Jazz Man, released this fall from the University of Alabama Press, chronicles the life of Dr. Frank Adams, a local jazz icon and a ceaseless and inspiring educator. Drawn from more than two years … Continue reading

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