Editor’s Note – Issue #22

Greetings lovers of fine literature. School is back in sesh, football is in the air, and here in the Blue Dot in September it is just as hot and muggy as it was mid-July. I think I might get the vapors. Before that happens, let me quickly tell you what we have for you this time around.

For starters, we have new fiction from Robert Hunter Whitworth, Dylan Henderson, Christopher Chilton, and Katherine West. We also have some creepy creative non-fiction from Joy Krause and poetry from Mario Duarte, Daniel Moore, Paul Piatkowski, Carrie Conners, Dan Jacoby, and Symphony Romaine. To top it all off, our old pal David Thompson sent us some great photos from his recent travels around the south, and we share them with you.

But wait, you say. Late summer issue? I thought you were quarterly, and you just came out with that whole New Orleans thing like a month ago! Yes, but we got enough really good submissions recently that were not New Orleans-related that we decided not to wait another 90 days. We love you that much.


Yrs. Trly.,

M. David Hornbuckle