Editor’s Note, Issue #10

I can barely believe we’ve made it to our tenth issue of Steel Toe Review–not without our ups and downs, but here we are not much worse for wear than we were a year ago. What’s exciting is that it seems to keep getting better with every issue. Even more exciting is the fact that we are on the verge of publishing a print anthology featuring the best pieces we published during our first year. And this is super important–we need your help with that project.

Click on the Donate link above or go directly to our Kickstarter page to help support us. A pledge of even $1 is helpful. If you donate a little more, there are a number of rewards available, including free books and internet serenades.

The impetus behind STR generally is to connect Birmingham writers and artists with a community of like-minded people elsewhere. The print anthology will further that goal by, literally, putting our work in peoples’ hands.

In addition, we have a fancy new mailing list. You can now sign up voluntarily to have the new issue of STR delivered to your email whenever it comes out, free of charge. And when you are tired of us, you can simply unsubscribe.

And finally–look! Issue #10 is here, and it looks very promising indeed.

-M. David Hornbuckle