Submissions are now open for issue #23, Fall 2015.

We are looking for interesting fiction, poetry, essays, and multimedia work from all over the world. However, preference is given to Southern writers and Southern themes. For more information about the kind of writing we like, read our past issues and review our manifesto.

Please include a brief third-person bio statement in your cover letter.

If your work is published in Steel Toe Review, please wait six months after being published before you submit again. If your work is rejected, please wait at least three months month to submit again, unless we express a desire to see something else right away.

Some general notes:

  • Please allow more time than you might think reasonable for a response.
  • We do allow simultaneous submissions. We think it would be very selfish not to. However, if your work is accepted elsewhere before we get back to you, please let us know and withdraw your submission from Submittable.
  • We do not publish previously published work. Appearance on a blog, in an e-book, in a self-published book, or in a print-on-demand book counts as published.
  • STR does not currently pay contributors. We aren’t making any money from this either, so don’t be mad about it.
  • You retain all the rights to your work.
  • If we accept your work, we will add you to our email list automatically.
  • We do not take snail mail or email submissions. Email submissions will be promptly returned with a curt note about the submission management system. Paper submissions will be set on fire and used in Satanic rituals.

We use Submittable for all our submissions. Additional guidelines for each genre are listed on that page. Please review the guidelines for your genre before submitting. To submit, click the link below.

Steel Toe Review Online Submission Manager


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