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“Faces” by John Oliver Hodges

Elise Goldenbutton drowned Halloween night. Her picture was in the paper. For weeks the boy carried with him a sick feeling. She’d gone to a friend’s to spend the night, the paper said, and swam in Livingston Lake. They found … Continue reading

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“Accelerating through the Curve” by David Langlinais

When Robie Dubois’ father got home from work, he moved straight to the rec room where Robie was watching a movie. He came in the back door, not bothering to go to the living room where Robie’s mother and sister … Continue reading

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“Slicer” by Jerry Rabushka

I’m at the deli counter, hemmed in by aisles and product and customers and attitude. I watch him, a sharp featured amazing and aggressive guy who I’ve only ever seen standing on this one section of floor. Slicing cheese, slicing … Continue reading

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“Muddy Water” by Amanda Pauley

My brother dove first. I followed, my feet leaving the shale bank cliff of ferns and blood-red columbine. We swam underwater alongside iridescent, see-through minnows and curious bluegills, leaving trails of bubbles as we exhaled. Before surfacing, I opened my … Continue reading

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“Vanilla Orchid” by Murray Dunlap

The only thing Heather asks for when we move is a bed. Not a mattress set on skinny metal bars, but an honest-to-God bed with headboard and frame. She says a bed should be made from wood. She points to … Continue reading

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“Big Bend” by Cynthia Sample

My husband insists on adventures. So here I am: packing for a place I know about in theory, not in fact. My prayer-time literature fits into the bottom of a new black duffle bag: my Bible, two daily devotionals and … Continue reading

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“The Nice-to-Haves” by Ramona Reeves

Babbi smoked her cigarette the required distance from the hospital’s entrance. Earlier during her shift—midnight and again around 3 a.m.—half the ER nurses had stood outside smoking and trading stories with her, but it was twenty minutes until shift change, and … Continue reading

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