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“Yonder Comes a Sucker” by Matthew McEver

Men in workpants, coveralls and white cotton shirts, half the men in town, it seemed, flocked together on a damp November evening in one of the livestock barns at the otherwise unoccupied fairgrounds, stood in ankle-deep wood shavings beneath fluorescent … Continue reading

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“The Séance” by Cathy Rose

“She’s clairvoyant from birth,” my mother said to her bridge party while I lay awake, kept up by the late-night tipsy laughter of ladies playing cards in our living room. Moeder Eva lived at the end of our street in … Continue reading

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“Astronauts” by Christopher X. Shade

I’m as Catholic as the next guy, but it’s beyond me what possesses my wife to spend all her time at church. I guess that’s what Faith is, knowing that loved ones are being looked after. Meanwhile I’m doing what … Continue reading

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“Boxed In” by Kim Siegelson

We moved to the old homeplace early summer of the year Great Uncle Caro died trapped inside it. Too wide to get through any door for three years, he’d managed to live entirely in the front parlor. The floor sagged … Continue reading

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“In the Deep End” by Sarah Jennings

At seventy-one years old, Walter carved through the water at a slower, less aggressive pace than his younger more able-bodied self used to do. But he could still feel the same coursing power in his muscles with each pull against … Continue reading

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“Thousands of Days and Nights” by Gary Carter

Realized this morning for some odd reason or another that it had been roughly thirty-four years since I blew out of Nam after two tours, just about three months before Saigon went down, which all of us in-country knew was … Continue reading

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“Good Friends” by Rhonda Browning White

She has a great body, my friend does, I’ll give her that. And I have no problem telling you she’s at least ten years younger than I am, and looks it. Doesn’t seem fair that she’s got a grown son … Continue reading

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