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Issue #22, Late Summer 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #22 Editor’s Note Fiction “Improbable Depth” by Robert Hunter Whitworth “Thoughts from a Parking Lot” by James Carson Welch “The Last House in Picher” by Dylan Henderson “Ooga Booga” by Christopher Chilton “In My Eyes” by Katherine … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note – Issue #22

Greetings lovers of fine literature. School is back in sesh, football is in the air, and here in the Blue Dot in September it is just as hot and muggy as it was mid-July. I think I might get the … Continue reading

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Two Poems by Dan Jacoby

bird dog seventeen years emily ran hard barrel chested, ribs showing ran with deer step for step leaped fences with them at a dead run barking nose always into the wind casting a wide path all business, relentless quick pat … Continue reading

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Three Poems by Daniel Moore

Make Rodin Proud The sky, drips through a tube, one drop of not knowing who to be when not doing, one sorrowful second at a time. An elegant flock of Trumpeter Swans holds my gaze on the tip of each … Continue reading

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“The Last House in Picher” by Dylan Henderson

With a sigh, I leaned the cut boards against the toolshed and switched off the table saw. The motor’s high-pitch whine deepened as the blade slowed, and as it died, the sounds of the neighborhood began to reappear. I could … Continue reading

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“Ancestry” by Symphony Romaine

On an autumn day in Belle Mina, With cotton bolls bursting into clusters of white, Papa Jack and Joe would talk, Count bugs off the crop, And look at one another with ancestral eyes. Previous caretakers of the land, Poets … Continue reading

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“Honeymoon” by Joy Krause

She paused midway up the last porch step carefully avoiding the rotted wooden edge to listen to the night’s silence. She knew that sound, had known it for her fifty-two years. She smiled in reverence to Trinity, North Carolina’s country … Continue reading

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