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Editor’s Note – Issue #19

Our nineteenth online issue includes short stories from Matthew McEver, Cathy Rose, Christopher X. Shade, Kim Siegleson, and Sarah Jennings; non-fiction from Terry Barr and Rori Leigh Hoatlin; and poetry from Sarah Henning, Maari Carter, Philip Theibert, Dan Jacoby, and Devin … Continue reading

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Two Poems by Sara Henning

Picaresque with Lady Day and the Last Bad Lover Man She loved her gin like she loved to roll the tonic of velveteen burn in her mouth. Clench it there, until mourning doves, stifled and livid, swarmed. I look for … Continue reading

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“The Love ‘Tween Our Brothers and Sisters Will Last” by Terry Barr

“You know Buddy, right? He says he knows you from junior high.” I played along with Jo Beth, not wanting her to know that I had no idea who this “Buddy” was. I knew my Buddy’s. I was a Buddy. … Continue reading

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“Altar Call” by Rori Leigh Hoatlin

Every Sunday for the first ten years of my life, I went to church. In all that time, I missed the part in the Bible where it told me that I was in charge of letting Jesus into my heart. … Continue reading

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“Yonder Comes a Sucker” by Matthew McEver

Men in workpants, coveralls and white cotton shirts, half the men in town, it seemed, flocked together on a damp November evening in one of the livestock barns at the otherwise unoccupied fairgrounds, stood in ankle-deep wood shavings beneath fluorescent … Continue reading

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“The Séance” by Cathy Rose

“She’s clairvoyant from birth,” my mother said to her bridge party while I lay awake, kept up by the late-night tipsy laughter of ladies playing cards in our living room. Moeder Eva lived at the end of our street in … Continue reading

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“Astronauts” by Christopher X. Shade

I’m as Catholic as the next guy, but it’s beyond me what possesses my wife to spend all her time at church. I guess that’s what Faith is, knowing that loved ones are being looked after. Meanwhile I’m doing what … Continue reading

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