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Issue #20, Winter/Spring 2015

Table of Contents, Issue #20 Editor’s Note Fiction “Big Bend” by Cynthia Sample “The Nice-to-Haves” by Ramona Reeves “Vanilla Orchid” by Murray Dunlap “Muddy Water” by Amanda Pauley “Accelerating through the Curve” by David Langlinais “Faces” by John Oliver Hodges … Continue reading

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“Modern Masters Revisited” by Allen Forrest

I like to pay homage to other artists, but do it in my styled interpretation. There are many highly-skilled artists in the world, so many who are far more skilled than I. But, too many of them are indistinguishable from one … Continue reading

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“The Lyric” by Tom Whalen

I could check the exact release date for In Search of the Castaways, a 1962 Disney adventure starring Hayley Mills, but it’s enough to know that the wind off Lake Charles is cold and damp and the neon lyre above … Continue reading

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“Faces” by John Oliver Hodges

Elise Goldenbutton drowned Halloween night. Her picture was in the paper. For weeks the boy carried with him a sick feeling. She’d gone to a friend’s to spend the night, the paper said, and swam in Livingston Lake. They found … Continue reading

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“Accelerating through the Curve” by David Langlinais

When Robie Dubois’ father got home from work, he moved straight to the rec room where Robie was watching a movie. He came in the back door, not bothering to go to the living room where Robie’s mother and sister … Continue reading

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“DADA’s Home” by Ron Pullins

SETTING: Living room with two chairs and a lamp. ON RISE: MAN enters, coming home from work. WOMAN sits, reading the paper. MAN: Hello, dear. I’m home. [MAN sits his briefcase on a table that isn’t there. It drops to … Continue reading

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“Arlecchino am Ravenous” by Ian Thal

Arlecchino: A poor servant having come from Bergamo, hungry and far from home. His emotions are almost protean, changing with every new situation, so much so that he can forget who he is and mistake himself for someone far more … Continue reading

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