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“Ancestry” by Symphony Romaine

On an autumn day in Belle Mina, With cotton bolls bursting into clusters of white, Papa Jack and Joe would talk, Count bugs off the crop, And look at one another with ancestral eyes. Previous caretakers of the land, Poets … Continue reading

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“Honeymoon” by Joy Krause

She paused midway up the last porch step carefully avoiding the rotted wooden edge to listen to the night’s silence. She knew that sound, had known it for her fifty-two years. She smiled in reverence to Trinity, North Carolina’s country … Continue reading

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“Thoughts from a Parking Lot” by James Carson Welch

The girl with bobbed black hair watched it buzz feebly under the windshield. She even tried to buzz back at it, communicate with it, speak its language. Buzz… nothing. She could believe it—nothing seemed reasonable. That fly had been buzzing … Continue reading

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“Heading South” by David Thompson

Click images to enlarge David J. Thompson is a former prep school teacher and coach who has been traveling since October 2013. His interests include The Simpsons, minor league baseball, and jazz. His poetry and photography have appeared in a … Continue reading

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“In My Eyes” by Katherine West

I’d just wrapped up the last session when this lady walks over, looking agitated. Agitated? Yes. Agitated. Do I have to repeat everything? So this lady says, “You got time to come with me? I need your help.” I had … Continue reading

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Three Poems by Carrie Conners

Namesake When my fiancé asked why I wasn’t changing my name after our wedding I told him how my grandmother met my grandfather when she was seventeen, he stationed in Alabama, a drill sergeant, overseeing three of his men as … Continue reading

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“Ooga Booga” by Christopher Chilton

“We can never tell these days when we’re adults,” Pastor Jordan told us in his morning message on the first day of the retreat, as we gathered in the boys’ room. “Long ago,” he said, “you had rituals that made … Continue reading

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